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Our Plans for 2022

All plans and pairings are tentative and subject to change.
As always, mother nature determines when the girls are ready.
We can merely estimate. 
We do not breed on a set schedule. If we happen across a dog that could strengthen the lines that we are establishing or a specific breeding pair produced amazing representations of the breed, we will have available puppies, but we do not hold ourselves to any time frames.


deposits are


No exceptions!

embark logo.jpg

As of 2020, all of our additions are tested with Embark.

Due in October
Expecting  parti and tri in base-color and merle.
Puppies will be either black or brown based.

eros 7.11b.jpg
misty 1.jpg


Deposits are due within 2 weeks of receipt of the Deposit Contract (icon below). All deposits and payments are transferable but non-refundable

All payments made in full by the time puppies are 4 weeks old will receive a 10% discount.

We do not accept deposits on puppies 6 weeks and older, only payment in full unless a payment plan has been established.

Mythos reserves the right to first and second pick of any and all litters we produce.

Same Quality, Lower Price.


While simultaneously searching for our new stud and trying to place our former one, I made a startling discovery. Some people are charging exorbitant fees for mediocre dogs. There are breeders who have prices comparable to our old prices and they do not complete half of the genetic testing that we do. Or they are registered with the Continental Kennel Club, a club that requires no prior registration to register a pet. The most astonishing may be those individuals charging upwards of $4,000 for pet poodle hybrid puppies who criticize our fee schedule.

Much of this, I believe, is due to the market. There are people willing to pay these fees because they associate them with quality.

Well, we are now offering the same quality as before for lower prices. 


Historically, in order to provide puppies to veterans or children with disabilities for free or deeply discounted, we absorbed their expenses in the cost we charged for other puppies. While we are still committed to assisting veterans and children with disabilities in having furry companions, the wait will be longer than it has been in prior years. Hopefully, the lower prices in general, will offer more people seeking quality puppies an opportunity to own them. 

Lower prices are for pets only.

There will be NO price changes for breeding rights.

Starting with 2018 litters, all pet only puppies sold with papers of any variety will be altered prior receiving papers.

Check back periodically to see what new pooches we have available. And, as always, thank you for your continued support :)

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