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Blackstar's Here Comes the Sun at Mythos 'Belenus'


*All testing done at Embark.

Click Here to view profile.*

25 in at 1 year

50 lbs at 1 year

Sire: Blackstar's Cowboy Cut

Dam: Bemine's Blackstar for Liberty

Brown Abstract Phantom Standard


OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Hips: Excellent

at/at, E/E, ky/ky, b/b, S/sp

Our second Blackstar pooch and we couldn't be more excited.

His half sister, Tutu Pele, is such a great girl that we needed to add another to our program. He is incredibly handsome, super sweet, and conformationally excellent, just like his sister. We are hoping to get this guy into the show ring in the near future so look for him!

Hobbies: Sleeping and playing with the bigger dog's toys! Sure some are bigger than me but that makes them even more fun. I also enjoy cuddling up with the humans. This little one is a bit intense so I prefer to cuddle up with the moms. I hate being left alone so it's a good thing someone is always home with me. Growing up here is going to be fun, I think.

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