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Hill Top Standard's Carpe Diem with Mythos 'Freya'



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 15 in (7 months old)

23 lbs (7 months old)

Sire: Jagger Beard

Dam: Sophie Elizabeth Dillard

Black Merle Parti Female (Phantom Carrier)


at/at, sp/sp, B/b, KB/ky, E/e, M/m

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This pint-sized princess absolutely KNOWS she is stunning. She commands attention from onlookers and loves it. She is not perturbed by the MUCH larger older dogs, in fact, she is eager to play with them, little tail wagging all over the place when they are near. 

And this kid is totally infatuated with her, rolling about with her on the floor and trying to carry her around the house. 

Freya the diva is certainly going to be a spoiled princess in this house.

Hobbies: Letting my subjects cater to all my desires. I love lazing about under mom's bed as much as I love playing with the small human. These older puppies don't seem to realize it yet, but I am the Queen and I will have them eating out of my paw soon enough.