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El Silencio's Once Upon a Dream "Hypnos"


*All testing done at PawPrint Genetics.

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23 in ( 1.5 years old)

55 lbs ( 1.5 years old)

Sire: Gulla's The Mighty Quinn

Dam: Smith's I Dream of Virginia

Black Tuxedo


at/a, sp/sp, B/B, ky/ky, E/E

This amazing boy from El Silencio is WONDERFUL. His confirmation is amazing and his personality is perfection. And to think I almost passed up on this beautiful soul. We are so lucky to have this sire in our program!!!!!

Hobbies: I play with EVERYTHING and I love stomach scratches!! My absolute favorite thing to do is hide under mommy's bed. I will not fit under there soon but I am probably not completely aware of that right now. I spend my time wandering around looking for things to get into but the house is puppy-proofed pretty well. I guess these people know what they are doing. I will find SOMETHING to get into.

Update: RAIN IS AMAZING!!!!! Why do we live inside?! There is water falling from the SKY! I try to bite it as it falls and look ADORABLE doing so. Who cares that I look like a giant drowned rat when I come back in? That's what dryers are for!

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