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Mythos' All That Glitters 'Midas'


*All testing done at Embark.

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14 in (4 months old)

20 lbs (4 months old)

Sire: Hidden Meadows' Gatekeeper of Mythos

Dam: Blackstar's Fire Dancing with Mythos

Chocolate Tri Male

OFA Hips: Too Young

OFA Elbows: Too Young

at/at, sp/sp, Em/E, ky/ky, m/m, b/b

Midas is the happiest pup we have ever produced. He is completely undeterred by absolutely everything. He loves playing with the bigger dogs and thoroughly enjoys the antics of my small son. He can very often be found in forts with my son and his mother, Tutu.

While we are completely in love with this handsome man, we own his sister as well as his mother so, we are super proud to announce that we have partnered with an awesome breeder, Jest Berners, to co-own him. 

We are all excited to watch him grow and cannot wait until we have mini Midas' running around underfoot.

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