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Mythos'  Perchance To Dream 'Morpheus'


*All testing done at PawPrint Genetics. Click Here to view profile.*

22 in (3 year old)

43 lbs (3 year old)

Sire: Hidden Meadows' Gatekeeper of Mythos

Dam: Mariner's Time Beyond Time

Black Phantom Merle Standard

at/at, S/sp, E/E, ky/ky, m/M, B/b

'Mojo' is living it up with his co-owner, Lisa, in Michigan. He is truly his namesake. He is calm and collected while still being a big sweetheart.

Unfortunately, this handsome boy's OFA test resulted in a score of

"mild dysplasia" so he will not be included in our program. We do co-own him and while we will not be using him in an effort to better our lines, I am not sure what his other owner plans to do. 

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