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We strive to produce puppies with excellent temperament and conformation first and foremost, but it certainly doesn't hurt if they are beautifully marked too!
Puppy Pricing

Prices are subject to change.

All listed fees are pet only with papers sent out after proof of alteration.

If interested in full registration, please be prepared to discuss your program and anticipate an additional fee of $1000 - $1500.

While we have produced all of the listed colors/patterns, our program generally produces parti, phantom, & phantom parti in solid and merle.



Solid poodles are the same color all over. While the AKC accepts a wide variety of colors and patterns for registration, the solid poodle is the only one considered for conformation showing.

Poodles come in several colors but our program only includes black, brown, and an occasional blue.


Phantom poodles (one of our favorite patterns) have markings much like a Doberman Pinscher. We started our program with a black and tan phantom girl and have included them since inception. 

We produce phantoms in black and brown with points ranging from nearly white to almost red. 

5 Pup 4 (4).jpg


Casper 3.jpg

Parti poodles, named for their partial white coat, can come in every color poodles can, though we only produce black and brown. Our program usually produces this pattern where at least 50% of the dog's fur is white.

There are also abstract poodles who have white fur patches that make up less than 50% of the dog's coat. We do not produce very many abstract poodles.

Phantom Parti (Tri)   

Phantom parti poodles, commonly referred to as "tri colored", are parti poodles with phantom markings. This pattern is my personal favorite and we have spent many years pairing pooches that will produce it. 

As with the phantoms, our tris have points ranging from nearly white to almost red though we tend to produce puppies with dark tan points.

Fermi 3.jpg


4 Pup 4C.jpg

We will not get into the controversy surrounding this pattern here. For our stance, please see Question 4 on our FAQs page.

This pattern is gorgeous! While the merle gene can exist in all poodle colors, it is most visually appealing in darker colored dogs and can "hide" in lighter colored ones. 

The puppy pictured is a solid merle, even though she appears to have some white because of the marbling.

Merle Parti     

Parti merles, as the name suggests, are poodles with substantial white areas on their coats. The merle pattern doesn't present itself on the white portion leaving only the darker colored portion the signature monochromatic coloring.

We have produced several parti merles in the past in black and brown parti and they are showstoppers.

Merle Phantom    

holly a 11_edited.jpg
7 Pup 4 (5).jpg

If merle partis are showstoppers, phantom merles are BOMBSHELLS! This spectacular combination is, in our opinion, to die for. Like the phantoms, Mythos' phantom merles can have points varying from nearly white to almost red with our preference being dark tan.

Some poodles have the merle pattern in their points but we strive to produce puppies with clean points creating a much more dramatic visual effect.

Merle Phantom Parti (Tri)    $2000

Finally, we have the best of both worlds. Merle tris are parti with phantom points. We have produced this color combination in the past and it is amazingly beautiful.

This pattern is the only pattern in which we strive to only produce tan points or darker as the contrast between the points and the white parti portion of the coat is perfection.

Shamrock 4.29.23 a.jpg


Delivery Options

Flight Nanny

Fees vary depending on location

Your puppy will ride in cabin with their own personal escort. If you have a specific nanny you would like to use, you are more than welcome to use them. If not, we can recommend some.

Ground Transport

Fees vary depending on location

Your puppy will be hand delivered to any location you desire (within reason). Please be considerate of  delays due to weather, traffic and the like. Each experience is unique. If you have a specific transporter you would like to use, you are more than welcome to use them. If not, we can recommend some.

Extended Stay

Puppies selected must be delivered or picked up by 10 weeks of age. Puppies are permitted to leave our care at 8 weeks. We offer an additional two weeks as a courtesy. 

After 10 weeks, there is a $20 a day boarding fee.

In the event that the puppy is here for their 12 week shots, an additional fee of  $200 will be required to cover time and vet expenses.

In the unlikely event that the puppy is with us for their 16 week shots, an additional fee of $300 will be required.

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