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All Nite Parti's Love Song at Mythos 'Eros'


*All testing done at Embark.

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24 in (2 year old)

60 lbs (2 year old)

Sire: All Nite Parti's Pilgrim

Dam: All Nite Parti's Drama Queen

Black Tri


OFA Hips: Pending

OFA Elbows: Pending

at/at, ky/ky, sp/sp, B/b

Eros is a BIG boy. Not sure what I was expecting, his sire is nearly 75 lbs. He is so playful and loves to cuddle (and steal clothes out of the hamper to lay on). He loves toys and throws them and then pounces on them as though they are alive. He runs about like a madman before throwing himself on the ground and passing out. He is such a little character and his name suits the little heart-breaker.

Hobbies: CHEWING EVERYTHING! Mom has already had to move all the cords to higher ground to save them from my teeth. There are tons of toys here too! I love hiding from moms under the bed with one of them, or perhaps a shoe. Shoes are superfun! I also love voicing my dismay when they take the shoes back and tell me "NO". I do not like that word AT ALL. They will figure it out though :)

Eros pedigree.JPG
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