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Last updated 5.5.24

As of 2020, all of our additions are tested with Embark.

Who Are We?

"We" are a former groomer and an all around pooch enthusiast and we are quite simply LOVERS of the breed. After years of debating, we have finally decided to breed our own dogs for show, companionship, and therapy. The thing about it is, we do not breed simply for the sake of breeding. There are HUNDREDS OF HOURS of research invested, not only in finding the best representations of the breed, but in finding the best pair to complement one another. 


All of our dogs are bred to create the best of the best and that is why most of our dogs will be sold as companions only with Limited UKC registration.  In the event of exemplary puppies, full registration can be discussed but is, in no way, guaranteed simply because he/she is a show perspective. I would much rather a dog with show potential go to a wonderful home with limited registration than a mediocre one with full.


Our poodles are our children. They live in our house, they sleep on our beds, they watch movies with us, we go to the beach and the park, we take vacations together. We EXPECT them to go to homes that will treat them in a similar manner. At this point I will state, although I think it goes without saying, that I WILL NOT sell my babies to brokers or puppy mills.


All of our dogs have health screenings before they are bred. We disclose all findings on each dog on their respective pages. We advocate the proper use of science to aid in the betterment of this and all breeds. 


Ask about our

T-Shirt Test.

We at Mythos Poodles believe in honoring our heroes in whatever ways possible. Small may the token be, the gratitude and respect we hold for our troops is insurmountable. When you provide a copy of your Military ID you will receive 15% off the purchase price of your pooch. Veterans with prescriptions for a companion or service pet, please get in touch with me directly here and we can make a puppy part of your life WHATEVER your budget. 

We would also like to extend a 15% discount to EMTs, police officers, firefighters, and educators as thanks for their hard work and dedication.

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