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Why the Hiatus?
An open letter from Mythos Poodles

We, at Mythos Poodles, debated addressing our decision to take a hiatus and, if I'm honest, I am not positive we will even publish this page. Still, I think it is important enough to attempt organized thought. 

Our decision was multi-faceted but, in the end, it came down to two things. First, the poodle market is completely oversaturated which is incredibly interesting considering our second concern, it is also hyperinflated. 

Above all else we are poodle enthusiasts. I have loved the breed for eons for a host of reasons so it makes sense that others do as well. And, for us, with that love, comes a responsibility. In 2020, the Humane Society saw a 65% increase in owner surrenders due to Covid. During that same timeframe, many new breeders entered the market, presumably to supplement income. Knowing of the increase in surrenders was, apparently, not a deterrent. The problem, breeding ethically and responsibly is not (or should not be) the get rich quick scheme some people imagine. Poodles are beautiful, brilliant, and less likely to elicit an allergic reaction than some other popular breeds, so they were a natural choice for many entering the world of breeding. Then, in 2021, "Pandemic Puppies" as they have been dubbed, were being purchased at an alarming rate because people were stuck indoors and wanted companionship.

Poodle puppy world was booming. 

Unfortunately, inflation followed quickly after Covid and the Pandemic Puppies' fate appeared to hang in the balance. Rescue shelters have had an influx of surrenders, primarily because people can no longer afford to keep their pooches, and there are not enough people adopting.

When we realized that the momentum of poodle breeding was not slowing down, we knew we needed to do something. That "something" for us was to stop breeding and, while the house is empty of puppy squeals and first puppy steps, it is more important that existing pooches find and KEEP good homes. 

Now, the accountant in me would be remiss if I didn't mention the hyperinflation of poodles (our second reason for the decision). I have stood on this hill for YEARS, even prior to Covid, and I will die here. Pets should not cost people thousands of dollars. I have discussed this with other breeders, prospective pet parents, we have even made posts about it on our Facebook page (that made for interesting reading). The general reply that I get from breeders is something along the lines of

"Well, other breeders are doing it".

At that point, my brain goes into mommy mode and all I can think is "If other breeders jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?".

There is no real win in that argument and, if breeders are spending upwards of $10,000 on a single puppy, they can, apparently, justify selling their puppies for similar prices. 

So breeders are selling pets for $3,000+ and breeding prospects for $6,000+ while shelters are overflowing and many across the nation have to turn surrenders away because they don't have enough room.  

I cannot stress how much we LOVE this breed and I will ALWAYS own at least one, but how can we claim to love poodles, or any breeds for that matter, if we aren't willing to do what is best for them? 

So, hiatus it is, at least we hope it will only be a hiatus. If or when it is ever sensible for us to resume breeding, we will. For now we are going to love on the pooches we have and encourage others to do the same and, if you are in a position to do so, please consider a poodle rescue.


Mythos Poodles

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