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LaFleche's Misty Dawn Dyer's Beauties 'Misty Dawn'


*All testing done at Embark.

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25 in (3 years old)

60 lbs (3 years old)

Sire: LeFleche's Levi's 501 Blues

Dam: Lafleche's Macie

Merle Parti (Phantom Carrier)


OFA Hips: Fair

OFA Elbows: Normal

at/a, kb/ky, B/b, E/E, sp/sp, M/m

This girlie is so freaking sweet. Her first day here, she spent her time playing with my son and, when evening came, she curled up in bed with me and slept all night. Woke up to Misty kisses! Not only is she so sweet, but she is beautiful :) 

She is super affectionate with nearly everyone and, while she may bark at first, it is simply because she is eager to make a new friend.

Incredibly excited about her future with us!!

Hobbies: Playing with the pack and lounging on mom's bed... Is there really any more to life than that?

I also enjoy escaping, which moms found out recently (the hard way, might I add). They chased me up and down the block for an hour and, I don't know about them, but I had a GREAT time.

Misty Pedigree_edited.jpg
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