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Home Visit Policy

At Mythos, we believe that this topic deserves special attention.
Do we offer the option for home visits?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: When Mythos began, we allowed prospective parents to visit after puppies had their first series of shots. To be honest, we did not notice any significant change in the health of the litters that we permitted home visits for versus the ones we did not but we were always concerned with the possibility of puppies coming into contact with various germs and/or bacteria. We remained optimistic and tried to stay as clean as possible while letting hopeful Mythos owners hand select their pooches in our living room.

Then, Tamaskan breeder friends of ours in North Carolina suffered a tremendous loss when, presumably, a rival breeder poisoned their litter with anti-freeze. This, unfortunately, was not the first time such an event took place as, years prior, 4 of their adults were poisoned as well (fortunately the adults made full recoveries). With that in mind, we changed our policy to only divulge our address to individuals who had already purchased pooches from us.  

When news broke in 2016 of the murder of a poodle breeder while allegedly hosting prospective owners, Mythos made the easy decision to halt all family visits. Our breeding program is a hobby that we thoroughly enjoy and we strive to make prospective owners as comfortable with their selection process as possible, but this is our HOME first. We will do all we can to protect ourselves and our family.

While we no longer offer home visits, we are completely open to the idea of video calls where you can have a 'walk through' of the areas where the puppies eat, sleep, and play as well as see the parents and their interactions. We have no problem at all sending as many videos and pictures as any prospective would like. If a prospective is torn between a couple of pooches, we will even take them to a public location (after they have been immunized) so that a selection can be made.

Many individuals believe the decision not to allow visitors is indicative of back yard breeding. Honestly, in some cases, that is likely true and due diligence is imperative. Properly research ANY breeder. Ask ANY questions you can think of. Go with your gut, if something feels off, it likely is. 

Our intention is to breed puppies of sound temperament and exceptional health. We will offer references to anyone interested and I am posting our veterinary information so that anyone can contact them and inquire about the 'poodle ladies'. 


Animal Medical Hospital

(727) 896-7127

We sincerely appreciate your understanding on this matter and, as always, thank you for your continued support.

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