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deposits are


No exceptions!

Available Puppies

Puppies were born 10.10.2022

and they will have all their shots, including Rabies, prior to leaving us. 

Health Certificates will not be procured until a deposit is placed, unless otherwise indicated.


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Holly is our Merle Parti wild child.

She is incredibly entertaining running all over the place before throwing herself on the ground for a nap. She LOVES playing with the big dogs and holds her own fairly well. She has grown more vocal with time, but not as much as some of her siblings but she enjoys cuddling with them as well as with us.


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Eggnog is a Tri Standard Male who absolutely loves EVERYONE! He is unperturbed by almost everything (except clippers near his face, but we are working on it). He is outgoing and very adventurous, but, after all his exploration, he loves to cuddle up and relax.


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Ribbon may be small but she has BIG dog energy! She is the independent girlie of the group, always problem solving and leading the other pooches in adventure. She is also the only one interested in chasing balls like the big girls. She has no idea what to do once she's near it, lol, but she will figure it out eventually.


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Tinsel is a tri male and is he ever cute! He is the most playful always seeking out a playmate, even if it ends up being a rock, lol. He is mischievous and will talk to you for hours while running about and while cuddling in your lap. He is also the most food motivated and very eager to please.

Bauble - Reserved

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We intended to retain Bauble for our program but are considering placing her. Let us know if you are interested in this girlie.

Bauble is our Merle Tri girlie.

She is beautiful and VERY independent. She is vivacious and adores her mom (she is her little shadow). She is vocal and loves to make silly little sounds of contentment when playing and during snuggles. She loves to play but, generally, she is calm and lazes about with us while we watch movies and the like. 

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