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We are dedicated to breeding puppies with exceptional temperament, conformation, and health. Leveraging scientific advancements, we can selectively breed for both conformation and health, ensuring the highest standards in our litters. Additionally, science empowers us to program puppies early in life, enhancing their responses to various stimuli.

ENS enables us to best prepare our puppies for the wonders of the great big world.

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Early Neurological Stimulation 

Information from Dr. Carmen L Battaglia; AKC judge, researcher, writer, and creator of the Breeding Better Dogs Program.

The U.S. Military, through its canine program, devised a method that continues to serve as a blueprint for effective training. Seeking to enhance the capabilities of military dogs, they pioneered a program initially known as "Bio Sensor," later dubbed the "Super Dog" Program upon its public unveiling. Drawing from extensive research, the military determined that early neurological stimulation exercises could yield significant and enduring benefits.

Their investigations pinpointed specific developmental windows during early life when neurological stimulation yields optimal results. The crucial period spans from the third to the sixteenth day after birth, marked by rapid neurological growth and development.

The "Bio Sensor" program was crafted to harness the power of early neurological stimulation, granting dogs a competitive edge. It employed six carefully crafted exercises aimed at stimulating the neurological system. Handlers conducted these exercises once daily, individually addressing each pup. The series of exercises included:

  1. Tactical stimulation (between the toes)

  2. Holding the head erect

  3. Pointing the head downward

  4. Placing the pup in a supine position

  5. Thermal stimulation

Handlers completed the entire sequence with one pup before moving on to the next, ensuring consistent and thorough stimulation for each dog in the program.


Five benefits have been observed in canines subjected to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises:

  1. Enhanced cardiovascular performance, evident through improved heart rate.

  2. Strengthened heartbeats.

  3. Reinforced adrenal glands.

  4. Increased tolerance to stress.

  5. Heightened resistance to disease.

In learning tests, stimulated pups exhibited greater activity and exploratory behavior compared to their non-stimulated littermates, asserting dominance in competitive scenarios.

Furthermore, secondary effects were noted during test performances. Non-stimulated pups displayed heightened arousal, excessive whining, and numerous errors in simple problem-solving tests involving maze detours. Conversely, their stimulated littermates exhibited lesser distress and agitation in test conditions. When compared, stimulated pups demonstrated greater composure, made fewer errors, and emitted occasional distress signals only under stress.

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