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SouthPaw's Once Upon A Dream of Mythos 'Caer Ibormeith'



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Pronunciation: K-IRE  IH-VURH-METH
Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy 

Born: 5/24/22

23 in (2 years old) 

50 lbs (2 years old)

Sire: Gulla's SouthPaw Fire Lord Zuko

Dam: SouthPaw Lady Miss Independence by Cash

Black Merle Phantom Parti


OFA Hips: 

OFA Elbows: 

OFA Eye: 

OFA Cardiac: 

At/At, ky/ky, B/b Em/Em, sp/sp, M/m,  N/I, Intensity 7/10

Caer (or "my-ky" as I affectionately call her) is an absolute DREAM. This girl is out of AMAZING lines and it shows. We are incredibly excited to have her in our pack. She can be a little shy around new people but she warms up quickly and is very much a Velcro pooch once she is comfortable. And just look at her beautiful face! She is mostly laid back but she does have her moments where she and Inanna look as though they belong on a documentary about wild animals of the Serengeti. We are so incredibly lucky to be the ones who get to love her.

Hobbies: RELAXING!

It is far too hot in Florida to do much else for a large part of the year. In fact, time outside should generally be reserved for pottying and water activities, otherwise, I appreciate lazing in the air conditioning. My niece, Inanna, thinks she's the big girl in charge because she is bigger than me now... Let's just say I have no problems showing her otherwise :)

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